Who We Are

i-Play is an innovative and extensive platform that operates on effortless, transparent, and secure ways of trading cryptocurrencies initiated by CubeBit.io an advanced blockchain-integrated platform, i-Play is a brainchild of experienced blockchain experts and pioneers who have been operating in the industry since Bitcoin was introduced in 2009. The team’s expertise in blockchain technology invented CubeBit which combines layers of infrastructure, services, and applications that break through the most technologically progressive domains in the crypto world.

What We Do

Online sports betting & worldwide lottery is maximized and promoted through i-Play by integrating blockchain. You will gain the ability to place your bets across secure and decentralized sportsbooks, find current matches, verify results immediately and claim wins effortlessly by utilising your CubeBit wallet.

Problem & Solution

The question of trust is the biggest shortcoming of every online sports betting & lottery business in modern days. It’s impossible to guarantee that the results of games haven’t been manipulated and the online betters are cheated often.

The blockchain technology for financial transactions is used by i-Play to overcome this issue. We assure the safety of bets and transactions & digital assets along with all personal and financial data through blockchain capabilities. Limits for transactions and withdrawals are processed without third parties being involved which would cost no extra fees. The whole procedure of making deposits and payouts takes less time and effort.

The estimated growth of the global sports betting market will reach up to USD 125.18 billion during 2019-2023. This platform will be positioned by i-Play to cater to the rising growth of the sports betting arena.