Responsible Gambling

At iPlay we create an amazing platform and services which will enable our loyal customers to play gaming and betting. Our ultimate desire is to satisfy your thirst for your gaming needs safely and provide you a conducive environment that will give you a pleasant and rewarding experience without any hassle.

We at iPlay motivate our clients to take the maximum use from services we offer responsibly and in an appropriate way.

Gambling of all varieties plays a great role in the form of entertainment for years.

We ensure the fact that we have a vast range of fun-filled activities that we have designed for our customers.

We at iPlay ensure the fact that you can enjoy your free time while gambling without wasting your precious time and we at iPlay always go the extra mile to give you the fullest support from our end.You will enjoy every penny you spent.

At, our customer's well-being is very important for us,therefore we think that it’s our greatest task to be responsible about gambling roles and we do take it seriously.

We strongly recommend you that you should treat your betting and gaming as a means of entertainment and to use the money that you have set aside only for your amusement.Please follow these notions in order to have a great experience.

Never ever bet or wager amounts larger than you really are comfortable with.

Never ever bet or wager with money that you cannot afford to lose.

Never ever chase your losses.

Never let your betting and/or gaming take unnecessary time from you that you would usually spend on your leisure time activities.

If you think that you will not be able to follow the recommendations that we suggest you ,we urge you to seek the advice from accredited institutions that will genuinely help you to solve your problems and clear the air.

Here are some organizations that we suggest you to go for :

  • GamCare
  • Keep It Fun
  • Gambling Therapy
  • Gamblers Anonymous

If you want to talk about our self-exclusion process. Sometimes it’s just a small radk which would be really helpful in aiding you with knitting your thoughts together and ceasing you from making any rash wagering decision that you would normally take.

On request, our support team will keep your account on the minimum of a 24-hour cooling off period, and this would be pursued by one of our support agents as mentioned above,informing you of the voluntary period of 1-week, 1-month, or even 6-month.

Please keep in your mind that accounts that have been closed under our self-exclusion policy will never be reversed or reopened for any reason.

Nevertheless when your self-exclusion expires our support system will send you an email to let you know that your account has been activated again.


In order to gamble with us at cubeplay .io your age must be over 18 years old. (And the legal minimum age which will allow you to gamble will depend on the rules and regulations where you reside under the laws that are applicable for you.)

When you have children living in your household, you can use parental control software in order to prevent your children from using these games without your supervision.